About Munich

Munich - the capital of Bavaria - is a city with an 850-year history, full of culture, music, natural beauty, charm and hospitality. The city boasts attractive architecture, with palaces and churches, museums, theatres, nearby fairy-tale castles and idyllic mountain resorts in the Bavarian Alps. Munich is also a center of high-tech science and home to four universities, research institutes, software companies, space industries and various international enterprises, making it an ideal location for IGARSS 2012.

The warmth and hospitality of Munich’s citizens will create a unique atmosphere for the symposium participants during their stay in this welcoming city.

Image credits: Top (c) Rudolf Sterflinger, Munich Tourist Office, left to right (c) Christl Reiter, Munich Tourist Office, (c) Pierre Rouchaléon, Munich Tourist Office, (c) Robert Hetz, Munich Tourist Office

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Climate and Temperatures

Munich has continental weather, i.e. very warm in the summer, and cold in the winter. The summer brings quite a few thunderstorms in the evenings, but far more beautiful sunsets.

Summer temperatures in Munich city can go up to 35°C (95°F) in July, which is the hottest month. The average maximum temperature in July is 23 °C (72°F).

During summer nights, temperatures can decrease to 15°C (59° F).

Image credits: Left to right (c) Torsten Krueger, Munich Tourist Office, (c) Josef Wildgruber, Munich Tourist Office

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