Public Transportation - Free of Charge!

The MVV network allows travel within the Munich city area, using the S-Bahn and U-Bahn (suburban and metro railway), trams, city buses and regional buses. Your participant badge (issued at registration) also doubles as an MVV Congress CombiTicket and can be used as a substitute for a ticket to travel in all the Munich inner district “Innenraum”, free of charge during IGARSS, i.e. from July 22 until July 27, 2012. So be sure to wear your badge at all times. Note that for journeys to the airport, you will require another ticket (available for 11.00 Euro) as you will be leaving the inner district "Innenraum" of Munich. More information about costs and the MVV network can be found at:

The International Congress Center Munich (ICM) can be reached from Munich Airport via:

Reaching the ICM, in general:

Reaching the ICM by car:

Reaching the ICM by public transportation, in general:

Reaching the ICM by public transportation, from the airport:

MVV Network Map

A network map for public transportation in Munich can be found here. Note that the Inner District area (free of charge for IGARSS 2012 participants if name badge can be forwarded) is marked in white color.


Construction Map, MVV
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MVV Journey Planner

You may here plan any trip in the MVV network in advance. Just enter the time of your departure, your start of the journey (e.g. public transportation stop) and your destination (e.g. public transportation stop). By that you will also see to most convenient, optimal connection. For example enter from “Airport” to “ICM”. The exact strings to enter for all IGARSS Events are listed in the next section.


Note that some IGARSS events will take place outside the ICM at other locations in Munich:



Public Transportation Stop



Messestadt West

Welcome Reception

BMW World


Bavarian Evening



Soccer Game

Sportverein Dornach

Dornach Buergerhaus

Awards Banquet

Residenz, Kaisersaal