Material to be distributed: The material to be distributed will be composed by all the PowerPoint presentations employed in the tutorial.

FD-1: SAR Imaging, Polarimetry, Interferometry and Tomography

Francisco Lopez-Dekker, Michael Eineder, Eric Pottier, Andreas Reigber

FD-2: Vegetation Structure from Lidar and SAR

Ralph Dubayah, Jacqueline Rosette, Juan Suarez-Minguez, Kostas Papathanassiou

FD-3: Optical Remote Sensing: Basics & Applications

Jose F. Moreno

FD-4: Recent Advances in Hyperspectral Data Analysis

Qian Du, Antonio Plaza

FD-5: Multivariate Analysis of Imaging Data

Peter Bajorski

FD-6: Image Information Mining - Methods and Applications for Exploration of Earth Observation data

Mihai Datcu

FD-7: Advanced Classification Techniques for Remote Sensing

Ranga Raju Vatsavai, Surya Durbha

FD-8: Remote Sensing with Reflected and Occulted Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Signals

James L. Garrison, Adriano Camps, Estel Cardellach

HD-1: New SAR Missions and Concepts

Manfred Zink, Gerhard Krieger

HD-2: Calibration of Aperture Synthesis Radiometers: The MIRAS/SMOS Case

Francesco Torres

HD-3: SAR Tomography: Basics and Applications

Gianfranco Fornaro, Fabrizio Lombardini