Organizing Committee

General Co-Chairs

Alberto Moreira (DLR)

Yves-Louis Desnos (ESA)

Technical Co-Chairs

Irena Hajnsek (DLR, ETH Zurich)

Helmut Rott (University of Innsbruck)

Finance Chair

Werner Wiesbeck (University of Karlsruhe)

Local Arrangements Chairs

Jens Fischer (DLR)

Cathy Morris (ESA)

Sponsor and Exhibition Chair

Marwan Younis (DLR)

Tutorials Chair

Kostas Papathanassiou (DLR)

Publicity Chair

Robert Meisner (ESA)

Publication Chairs

Irena Hajnsek (DLR, ETH Zurich)

Francesco Palazzo (ESA)

Social Program and Technical Tour Chair

Karl-Heinz Bethke (DLR)