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Munich, the Bavarian capital, is one of the most charming cities in Germany. Proud of their traditions, the Bavarian folk are exceptionally warm, open and friendly, welcoming visitors from every corner of the world. Munich is the city of lederhosen, beer gardens, historical pups, castles and festivals. It is also a cultural paradise offering art galleries, museums, churches, theatres and historical buildings are simply everywhere. If you follow the link of the Munich Tourist Office you will find all information about attractions, city maps and more.

During your stay in Munich, you have the great opportunity to also visit some of the sights. Upper Bavaria has to offer many sightseeing like the castles Neuschwanstein or Schloss Linderhof, or outside of Bavaria e.g. the medieval town of Rothenburg, Mozart's Salzburg, Nuremberg, Innsbruck and many other attractions in Bavaria and Austria.

If you are planning to go on City tours or day trips we recommend our partner GrayLine for guided sightseeing. GrayLine generally starts its tours from Munich City at 8:30 a.m. The meeting point is in front of the department store KARSTADT at Bahnhofplatz (see below) in opposite of the main railway station. IGARSS participants also have the possibility to use a bus starting from Tuesday to Thursday morning from the ICM-Hotel Novotel to the meeting point in Munich punctually at 7:30 a.m. Due to the high traffic volume in the afternoon no transfer back to the Novotel is offered. GrayLine also offers a hospitality service at the ICM. The tour desk is opened during the lunch break from Monday till Wednesday and is located behind the IGARSS registration desk.

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